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Metal Blockchain is now ISO 20022 compatible

The Metal Blockchain has achieved a significant advancement in the realm of financial technology by attaining ISO 20022 compatibility. This significant achievement ushers in a new era of streamlined and highly secure communication for financial data, fostering seamless interaction across diverse systems, platforms, and financial institutions.

Rarible Chooses Metal Blockchain for Advancing Compliant Digital Asset Marketplaces

Rarible, a leading cross-chain NFT marketplace, has partnered with Metal Blockchain, guided by Metallicus, to explore the development of compliant digital ownership solutions for the banking and fintech sectors.

Metal Blockchain Launches Credit Card and ACH Processing Capabilities with Payments Technology from Global Leader Fiserv

Metal Blockchain, a Layer 0 Blockchain, is expanding its footprint with top fintechs

Metal Blockchain Joins the Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program

VIP enables Metal Blockchain to integrate with SilverLake System®

Metal Blockchain, WebAuth Wallet and Metal Pay API Now Available on Temenos Exchange

Layer 0 blockchain technology, advanced biometric authentication, and seamless digital assets integration are seamlessly incorporated into premier platforms, boosting adoption, transaction volume, and financial institution security.

Cross-Subnet Messaging Now Live

This cutting-edge technology is designed to seamlessly facilitate communication and collaboration across multiple subnets, creating an interconnected environment for cross-chain interactions.

Cortina Network Upgrade

Metal Blockchain is scheduled to activate the Cortina upgrade on August 17, 2023.

Metal Blockchain Integrates Credit Card and ACH Processing Capabilities with Payments Technology from Global Leader Fiserv

Metal Blockchain, a Layer 0 Blockchain, is expanding its footprint with top fintechs

New enhanced explorer for the Metal Blockchain

Metallicus is excited to announce the release of a brand new enhanced explorer for the Metal Blockchain, offering a comprehensive view of all P-Chain activities, ranging from staking to intricate transaction details.

WebAuth Wallet Now Supports Metal Blockchain on Android

We're thrilled to announce the latest release of the WebAuth Wallet on Android, now with full support for the Metal Blockchain.

Introducing $METAL

In this article, we will provide an overview of the METAL token, its tokenomics, fee burns, the fee schedule and staking rewards.

Decentralized Governance Model

In this article, we will delve into the decentralized, independent governance model employed by Metal Blockchain.

Consensus on Metal Blockchain

In this article we will explore why the Metal Blockchain employs Avalanche protocols as the latest advancement in consensus technology.

New Metal Blockchain Whitepaper Now Live

This whitepaper is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding how Metal Blockchain works and its unique benefits.

The Road Ahead for Metal Blockchain

Metal Blockchain has begun its journey through the objective of securing partnerships and development programs with well-known fintechs.

Subnets: designed for scalability

The Metal Blockchain's design enables an infinite number of subnets to be deployed, each capable of processing 4,500 transactions per second.

Flow of A Single Blockchain

In the second article of our deep dive series, we will delve into the flow of a single blockchain on the Metal Blockchain and its components.

Metal Blockchain Deep Dive Series

In this series, we will be taking an in-depth look at the various components and features of the Metal Blockchain.

The Metal Blockchain Identity

Discover the essence of Metal Blockchain's distinctive visual language and its commitment to continuous development and empowerment

The New Metal Blockchain Website

Explore the future of Blockchain with enhanced design, comprehensive resources, and a commitment to continuous development