The Metal Blockchain Identity

A Vision of Innovation and Superior Design

Discover the essence of Metal Blockchain's distinctive visual language and its commitment to continuous development and empowerment


The Metal Blockchain identity stands out in the world of decentralized finance, reflecting a unique fusion of innovation, functionality, and exceptional design. Inspired by the Metallicus brand manifesto, Metal Blockchain is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses alike, unlocking the potential of decentralized technology for all.

The Logo: Strength and Elegance

The Metal Blockchain logo, with its minimalist design approach, features an M that symbolizes a connection to blockchain technology. The base of the right leg of the M is separated by a block, representing the sturdiness and strength of the blockchain. The geometrically beautiful design embodies the elegance and resilience of the Metal Blockchain. Two variations of the logo have been created to represent different aspects of the project: the square version symbolizes the Metal Blockchain, while the round variation represents the $METAL token.

The Color Palette: A World of Vibrant Possibilities

Metal Blockchain's color palette is derived from the broader Metallicus palette, featuring Metal Pay Orange, Proton Purple, and Metallicus Green. These vibrant colors represent the limitless possibilities and opportunities that Metal Blockchain brings to the world of decentralized finance.

Design Elements: Transparency, Strength, and Beauty

The Metal Blockchain design incorporates 3D elements with a glass aesthetic, representing the chain's transparency and beautiful design. The 2D elements symbolize the brand's strength and resilience. Together, these design elements create a dynamic and harmonious visual language that embodies the spirit of Metal Blockchain.

Typography: Readability and Accessibility

Metal Blockchain uses the Inter font family, which is carefully crafted and designed for computer screens. The font features a tall x-height to aid in readability and provides several OpenType features to enhance the user experience. This choice of typography ensures that Metal Blockchain's content is accessible to all users.

Brand Guidelines and Design Assets: Collaboration and Openness

In line with the Metallicus brand manifesto's emphasis on openness and collaboration, the Metal Blockchain brand guidelines and design assets are available on the new Metal Blockchain website. Hosted on Figma, these resources promote a collaborative design ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses to engage with Metal Blockchain and the broader Metallicus portfolio.

The Metal Blockchain identity is the result of the exceptional work by Ivan Nikolov, Senior Product Marketing Designer at Metallicus. By combining innovation, superior design, and functionality, the Metal Blockchain brand is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of decentralized finance.