Cortina Network Upgrade

Metal Blockchain is scheduled to activate the Cortina upgrade on August 17, 2023.

Metal Blockchain is scheduled to activate the Cortina upgrade on August 17, 2023. This upgrade is significant as it introduces several important enhancements to the functionality of the blockchain. In this article, we will delve into the details of these enhancements and their implications.

For validators on Metal Blockchain, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to upgrade your nodes to V 1.10.0 before August 17, 10 AM UTC! To assist you in this process, we have compiled an FAQ at the end of the article, specifically tailored to answer common questions regarding node upgrades.

X-Chain Linearization Upgrade

One of the key improvements in the Cortina upgrade is the "X-Chain Linearization." Currently, the X-Chain operates on Avalanche Consensus, a protocol that allows for fast processing of transactions without establishing a specific order. However, this creates limitations when integrating features like Cross-Subnet Messaging, complex X-Chain transactions, state syncing. The Cortina upgrade will migrate the X-Chain to run on the Snowman++ consensus, transforming it into a totally-ordered blockchain. 

The linearization of the X-Chain opens the door to various advancements, such as the integration of Cross-Subnet Messaging, the introduction of novel transaction types that modify shared X-Chain state and streamlined state syncing. This upgrade streamlines Metal Blockchain network by using a single consensus engine, accelerating development and facilitating broader innovation.

During the upgrade, there will be no downtime on the P-Chain or C-Chain. However, on August 17, the X-Chain may experience a brief period of inaccessibility as we issue a stop block. Following this stop block, the X-Chain will undergo linearization, allowing all nodes that have upgraded to V 1.10.0 to proceed building blocks on the X-Chain in a linear fashion.

Cross-Subnet Messaging 

This new cutting-edge technology is designed to seamlessly facilitate communication and collaboration across multiple subnets, creating an interconnected environment for cross-chain interactions.

Now, with Cross-Subchain Messaging, the Metal Blockchain opens up new avenues for decentralized applications and protocols to interact, collaborate, and leverage each other's strengths. The rapid and secure exchange of data and assets across different subnets fosters a dynamic and robust ecosystem, empowering users with greater possibilities and opportunities.

In our upcoming blog post on Cross-Subnet Messaging, we will delve deeper into this fascinating new feature.

Batched Delegator Rewards

Another significant enhancement introduced by the Cortina upgrade is "Batched Delegator Rewards." Validators on the Metal Blockchain have the option to charge a service fee to delegators who stake their tokens with their node. Previously, the fees were distributed as separate UTXOs per delegation period, resulting in a large number of small UTXOs for validators, which posed challenges in terms of usability and user experience. With the Cortina upgrade, delegation fees will be batched and distributed when the validator is unstaked, simplifying the management of fees and improving the overall user experience.

Increased C-Chain Gas Limit

Additionally, the Cortina upgrade includes an increase in the C-Chain gas limit. The current gas limit restricts the complexity of transactions that can be processed within a single block, affecting developers deploying complex dApps on the Metal Blockchain Network. To address this, the C-Chain gas limit will be increased from 8M to 15M gas, allowing for more sophisticated and resource-intensive transactions while maintaining the gas target at 15M gas per 10 seconds.

Overall, the Cortina upgrade introduces crucial improvements to the Metal Blockchain, enhancing its scalability, interoperability, and usability for developers and users alike.

Validator FAQ

Do I have to upgrade my node?

Yes, it is essential to upgrade your validator to  V 1.10.0 before the Mainnet activation date, August 17, 10 AM UTC. Failure to upgrade may result in your node being marked as offline, which can have a negative impact on both your staking rewards and the rewards of your delegators. This is because other nodes will report lower uptime for your node, potentially leading to decreased rewards for all parties involved.

How do I upgrade my node?

To upgrade to MetalGo V 1.10.0, you can follow the same process as any other upgrade. If you build from source, run the build script as you normally would. If you use pre-compiled binaries, invoke them as usual. If you use the installer script, continue using it as before.

Once you have started MetalGo V 1.10.0, there is no further action required. For more detailed information on updating your node, you can refer to our upgrade guide. It is also recommended to have a backup of your staking key/certificate as a best practice.

Are there any changes in hardware requirements?

No, there are no changes in hardware requirements for this update.

Will updating decrease my validator's uptime?

No, updating to V 1.10.0 will not impact your validator's uptime.