Sep 12, 2023

Metal Blockchain Joins the Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program

VIP enables Metal Blockchain to integrate with SilverLake System®

San Francisco, CA, September 12, 2023 – Metallicus, the core developer of Metal Blockchain, a Layer 0 blockchain platform, today announced that it has joined the Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP). Participation in the program will provide Metallicus with access to Jack Henry’s technical resources to enable Metal Blockchain to integrate with SilverLake System®. The Vendor Integration Program is designed to help ensure that Jack Henry’s customers can easily deploy third-party products. 

Metal Blockchain integrates with SilverLake via jXchange™, a services-based programming interface that enables third-party vendors and banks to access the platform’s core data and business rules. The integrity of data is maintained throughout any data exchange, because access to business rules and data is managed through a service layer which governs these interactions.

Metal Blockchain's integration empowers banks and transforms their operations. By seamlessly connecting Metal Blockchain with the core platform, financial institutions gain a cutting-edge tool to enhance financial transactions. A key feature enables advanced analysis of bank transactions, helping to analyze and monitor transactions, patterns, and behaviors within the data to identify trends, anomalies, and potential issues, such as fraud or money laundering. This integration boosts operational efficiency, accuracy, and security through secure access to core data and business rules. Metal Blockchain's commitment to data integrity reinforces transaction reliability. The integration redefines financial processes with innovative data storage and transfer, displaying transparent transaction amounts on the blockchain while keeping participant identities undisclosed for privacy. As of today, the jXchange integration is live for SilverLake customers, providing a transformative tool for enhanced security, efficiency, and customer experience in financial operations.

"We're excited to announce the integration of Metal Blockchain with VIP, marking a new era for financial institutions,” said Metallicus Chief Operating Officer Donald Berk. “This collaboration introduces smoother operations and stronger security through our innovative blockchain technology. As a leading Layer 0 blockchain solution, our strong focus on compliance ensures data integrity and privacy. This VIP relationship underscores our commitment to exceeding industry standards, bringing advancements that redefine compliance and elevate user interactions."

Jack Henry’s VIP takes the customer out of the middle, providing vendors with direct access to Jack Henry’s technical resources and test systems. VIP inclusion is not an endorsement of the vendor’s product.

About Jack Henry™ 

Jack Henry™ (Nasdaq: JKHY) is a well-rounded financial technology company that strengthens connections between financial institutions and the people and businesses they serve. We are an S&P 500 company that prioritizes openness, collaboration, and user centricity – offering banks and credit unions a vibrant ecosystem of internally developed modern capabilities as well as the ability to integrate with leading fintechs. For more than 47 years, Jack Henry has provided technology solutions to enable clients to innovate faster, strategically differentiate, and successfully compete while serving the evolving needs of their accountholders. We empower approximately 7,500 clients with people-inspired innovation, personal service, and insight-driven solutions that help reduce the barriers to financial health. Additional information is available at

About Metal Blockchain

Metal Blockchain, developed by Metallicus, is an innovative Layer 0 blockchain technology dedicated to tackling global finance challenges with its scalable, secure, and decentralized infrastructure built on the foundation of BSA Compliance. The versatile nature of Metal Blockchain's infrastructure enables developers to craft customized solutions for a wide range of financial applications, promoting innovation and growth within the global financial sector. Guided by the vision of CEO Marshall Hayner, Metal Blockchain aims to transform the financial industry by embracing compliance-driven innovation.