Oct 4, 2023

Metal Blockchain Launches Credit Card and ACH Processing Capabilities with Payments Technology from Global Leader Fiserv

Metal Blockchain, a Layer 0 Blockchain, is expanding its footprint with top fintechs

San Francisco, October 4, 2023 - Metallicus, the core developer behind Metal Blockchain, a Layer 0 blockchain platform, is delighted to announce that its integration of credit card and ACH (eCheck) payment capabilities from Fiserv, Inc., a global leader in payments and financial services technology, is now available!

This transformative integration, via the Fiserv ISV payments engine and CardPointe®: Gateway, equips Metallicus's Metal Blockchain partners with a comprehensive platform that seamlessly connects blockchain technology with traditional payment acceptance methods. This unified solution delivers a streamlined experience, allowing partners to harness the unique advantages of blockchain technology and secure payment acceptance within a singular, user-friendly platform.

In its initial release, Metallicus is pleased to unveil the seamless integration of a dedicated use case on Metal Blockchain. This tailored integration represents a significant milestone, delivering exceptional security and control over data to Metallicus's esteemed customers.

With this integration, Metallicus users can effortlessly access and log an unlimited number of payments, ensuring their control over their own data. In addition to enhanced security, this innovative use case provides real-time insights that prove invaluable for optimizing financial operations, resulting in potential cost savings for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), reporting requirements, revenue and cost tracking, payment optimization tools, and various other financial needs.

At its core, Metal Blockchain remains dedicated to safeguarding cash flow and simplifying the payment compliance and collection processes through automated workflows. This empowers users to save time and reduce expenses across various departments within their organizations, promoting financial efficiency and accuracy.

Donald Berk, Chief Operating Officer of Metallicus Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement, stating, "I'm thrilled to unveil our latest achievement - the live integration of our Layer 0 blockchain with Fiserv payment capabilities. This marks our commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed their evolving needs in the tech-driven landscape. By merging traditional payment acceptance with our innovative approach, we're providing businesses with enhanced control and efficiency, shaping a brighter future for the industry."

To learn more or to get started taking advantage of this new integration, interested parties can contact bizdev@metallicus.com or visit MetalBlockchain.org.

About Metal Blockchain 

Metal Blockchain, developed by Metallicus, is an innovative Layer 0 blockchain technology dedicated to tackling global finance challenges with its scalable, secure, and decentralized infrastructure built on the foundation of BSA Compliance. The versatile nature of Metal 

Blockchain's infrastructure enables developers to craft customized solutions for a wide range of financial applications, promoting innovation and growth within the global financial sector. Guided by the vision of CEO Marshall Hayner, Metal Blockchain aims to transform the financial industry by embracing compliance-driven innovation.