The Road Ahead for Metal Blockchain

Metal Blockchain has begun its journey through the objective of securing partnerships and development programs with well-known fintechs.

In the current era of rapid technological disruption, the pace at which new technologies are emerging and evolving is staggering. The world is struggling to keep up with the impact and implications of advancements in fields like information technology and biotechnology. This makes it crucial for businesses and organizations to work from a research perspective, continually educating top fintech players and providing them with resources to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

One prime example of technological innovation that has significantly impacted the world since the 1990s is the internet. The ongoing revolutions in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology continue to challenge existing political, financial, and social structures, as well as our understanding of them. It's vital for companies like Metallicus, the developer of Metal Blockchain, to stay at the forefront of research and education, enabling their partners to better adapt to and benefit from these technological advancements.

Metal Blockchain has begun its journey through the objective of securing partnerships and development programs with well-known fintechs, who primarily serve Financial Institutions. By partnering with established industry players, Metal Blockchain, developed by Metallicus for financial institutions, will gain  access to both their platforms and resources, enabling the team to build private blockchain solutions and customized dApps. In some cases, these partnerships could also allow for co-development of immediate use-cases and access to the partners' institutional partners to pitch alongside, further building credibility for Metal Blockchain and establishing the platform as a reputable player in the financial sector.

Conversations with institutions and fintech partners started back in January, and the team has since defined a number of use cases, with the most significant being the need for blockchain development resources. By deploying Metal Blockchain, Metallicus is committed to bringing development in-house or leveraging development shops. The pitch to banks has been consistent: the team is looking for large institutions that would like to deploy their own private blockchain, implement tokenization, and create customized dApps as an immediate alternative to Hyperledger, while also connecting to its technology partners' infrastructures. The benefits, including speed, cost, scalability, BSA compliance, and flexibility, are immediately showcased.

As an added benefit, Metal Blockchain will be connecting its entire network of partners, allowing technology partners to assist with use cases for institutions. This is something both banking prospects and tech partners are heavily interested in, as banks often don't know what they want to build, and even when they do, they're unsure of the priority. In this scenario, Metal acts as an R&D partner, working at the speed of its partners to define the best path forward.

Metallicus’ approach of bringing together technology partners and banking institutions is particularly relevant in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology. By providing a collaborative platform for the development of private blockchain solutions and customized dApps, Metal is helping to accelerate innovation in the financial sector. This, in turn, is making it easier for financial institutions to adopt blockchain technology and leverage its benefits, such as increased security, transparency, and efficiency.

It's worth noting that offering grants in the financial sector is not a common practice. Banks and financial institutions are typically more interested in working with partners who can provide proven and reliable solutions. This is why Metal Blockchain and Metallicus have chosen to focus on building strong partnerships and leveraging their expertise in blockchain development to provide value to their partners. By doing so, Metallicus can offer a more sustainable model that benefits both the company and its partners in the long term. While grants may be a tempting short-term solution, Metallicus believes that investing in its own resources and partnerships will ultimately lead to greater success and growth with Metal Blockchain.

Metallicus’ commitment to building long-term partnerships with industry leaders is also helping to establish it as a key player in the blockchain space. By forging relationships with top fintechs in the banking vertical,, Metal is positioning itself at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. With a strong team and a clear vision for the future of blockchain in the financial sector, Metal is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and leading the industry forward.