Sep 7, 2023

Metal Blockchain, WebAuth Wallet and Metal Pay API Now Available on Temenos Exchange

Layer 0 blockchain technology, advanced biometric authentication, and seamless digital assets integration are seamlessly incorporated into premier platforms, boosting adoption, transaction volume, and financial institution security.

San Francisco, September 7, 2023  – Metallicus Inc., a leading provider of Blockchain and Digital Asset Technology today announced Metal Blockchain, WebAuth Wallet and Metal Pay API are available on Temenos Exchange, the partner ecosystem of integrated fintech solutions.

The Metallicus Network, spearheaded by Metal Blockchain, its innovative Layer 0 blockchain, introduces a host of elevated business advantages, fundamentally transforming transaction security, transparency, and operational efficiency. Now available for seamless alignment with crucial Temenos services, our solutions present an unparalleled edge, ensuring harmonious integration with the world’s leading open platform for composable banking. By leveraging the power of Temenos, our application empowers customers with a proven environment that amplifies operational prowess and fortifies the security of their financial transactions.

Temenos Exchange brings innovation to market faster, and at scale. The ecosystem offers pre-integrated and approved fintech solutions that can be easily deployed on top of Temenos’ open platform for composable banking, enabling banks to accelerate the creation of new financial services, while reducing the costs of development.

Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation and Ecosystems, Temenos, said: “Temenos Exchange acts as an accelerator for fintechs and software developers, helping them develop, validate and monetize new banking solutions. The integration with Temenos and joining Temenos Exchange means Metallicus can write once and be readily available to the thousands of banks globally that run on our platform.”

"Our availability on Temenos Exchange marks a significant milestone in addressing the evolving needs of financial institutions. By leveraging this partnership, we are able to offer a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates with the industry's leading platform, providing our customers with a secure, efficient, and transformative financial experience," said Donald Berk, COO of Metallicus.

“Metallicus’ availability on Temenos Exchange further extends our commitment to the banking community and enables Temenos customers to easily reap the benefits of Metal Blockchain, WebAuth Wallet and Metal Pay API. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Temenos platform to help us achieve our business goals.”

Metal Blockchain, our layer 0 blockchain, revolutionizes the financial landscape by providing a secure and compliant foundation for deploying customized dApps and blockchain solutions. Leveraging its robust technology stack, Metal Blockchain transforms traditional systems, opening doors to a decentralized future.

The WebAuth Secure Wallet stands at the forefront of biometric transaction authentication, utilizing the Secure Enclave technology for frictionless payments and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions. This innovative approach enhances security and user experience, ensuring seamless and secure interactions across platforms.

The Metal Pay API empowers banks by enabling them to white label our Metal Pay Consumer application, thereby offering integrated digital assets solutions. This opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing banks to effortlessly provide digital asset services to their customers while benefiting from Metal Pay's user-friendly interface and comprehensive BSA/AML compliance features.

About Metallicus

Metallicus, a blockchain technology company, is committed to bridging the gap between traditional banking and digital assets. Built on a bedrock of a simple customer experience, strong regulatory compliance, flawless security, and verified identity, Metallicus seeks to integrate and catalyze the scalable use of digital assets in financial services and economic activity.

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