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Metal Blockchain has the most versatility

when it comes to real world integrations.

Metal Blockchain has the most versatility when it comes to real world integrations.


We are integrating credit card and ACH payment capabilities from Fiserv into Metal Blockchain’s layer 0 technology. The integration is set for launch later this year and aims to combine the benefits of blockchain technology with traditional payment acceptance methods. It streamlines payment compliance and collection through automated workflows, aiming to modernize payment systems and enhance operational efficiency.

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Jack Henry

Metallicus has joined the Jack Henry Vendor Integration Program to integrate Metal Blockchain with the SilverLake System. Through jXchange, a services-based programming interface, the integration enables third-party vendors and banks to access core data and business rules. Key features allow for advanced analysis of bank transactions, identifying trends and anomalies like fraud or money laundering. The integration is live for SilverLake customers.

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Metal Blockchain, WebAuth Wallet, and Metal Pay API by Metallicus are now available on Temenos Exchange. The solutions offer elevated business advantages like enhanced transaction security and operational efficiency. They can be easily deployed on top of Temenos’ open platform for composable banking, offering financial institutions a secure, efficient, and transformative financial experience.

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Rarible and Metal Blockchain, guided by Metallicus, are collaborating to develop compliant digital ownership solutions for banking and fintech sectors. They aim to integrate Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology in mainstream financial products, exploring tokenized rewards, compliant digital asset transfers, and on-chain financial records, all while emphasizing regulatory compliance to tackle financial inefficiencies.

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Integrating WebAuth into Metal Blockchain delivers a sophisticated, secure, and user-oriented digital asset management solution for traditional financial entities. By utilizing the Web Authentication standard (WebAuthn), our Single Sign-On (SSO) solution fortifies biometric authentication, permitting access through secure fingerprint and face scan technologies. This not only enhances security but also facilitates the seamless storage of digital assets within Metal Blockchain’s robust infrastructure. Therefore, through marrying advanced secure access control and digital asset management, we usher banks and fintech institutions into a new epoch of enhanced customer engagement and assiduous, compliant asset management.

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